IQ LAB stands for Image Quality Lab. Therefore, we attempt to preserve our great quality in print production and great services for our clients. Over 32 years of experiences in image and print production, we are image experts who understand that “Quality” is the most important thing.

Three determinations that are our main goals continuously:

Quality:         We attend to create quality work with our knowledge, know-how, experience, and teamwork.

Innovation:    We always invest in new technology to service every client.

Service:        We improve ourselves constantly in process and personnel to service our clients better.

Our mission is to be the pioneer in Digital Printing gear on Quality and Services. Our clients are advertising agencies, B2B direct clients, Artists, walk-in customers and also Online clients.

Image Quality Lab received many awards from printing competition. We are high ranking quality printer both in Thailand and in Asian Countries.


Image Quality Lab (IQ Lab) was founded in 1986 by experts who graduated from imaging and printing technology department, faculty of science, Chulalongkorn University. Starting with renting a small space of 96 Sq.m. on Silom road, we have extended our company continually. Now we have two branches located in Bangkok downtown which are on Silom and Ekamai road. Both can commute easily by BTS Skytrain Chongnonsi and Ekamai.

Due to our quality and service-oriented policies, customers have been entrusted with our professional imaging service constantly since then.

Our journey starts with film processing for professional photo studios, advertising agencies, and fashion magazines. In Digital decade, IQ LAB has been the pioneer and expanded to professional digital printing service. Since 1994, we installed complete digital machines for the whole system, from Drum scanner until work-station computer including film recorder.

In 2000, our company expanded spaces on Ekamai branch for installing Durst Lambda machine from Italy who is the technology leader in high-quality imaging production. The Durst Lambda can do the print enlargement and duratran from digital files with unlimited length. For example, prints on lightbox displays in department stores are from this high-end printing machine. This machine has done the gorgeous, sharp and high-resolution prints in the same standard of great color labs in Europe.

Moreover, in the same year, we were the first company who invested millions of baht in color management system (CMS) which can control the color of digital files before transferring to print. We also invested in the highest-speed scanner Durst Sigma that can scan any kind of films such as color slides, black and white negative films and color negative films. This machine can scan the biggest file size of 300 MB in 7 seconds.

In 2004, we imported high-quality display equipment from Australia called “Smart Stand”. This equipment was used to create booths in exhibition or large exhibition display which are easy to set-up in a few minutes. In the same year, we invested in digital offset machine that can print from digital files directly. The digital offset printing machine helps to reduce the time and cost in making plates in printing process so that it is suitable for individual work like photobooks, personalized calendar, flyers, catalogs, food menu including personalized direct mail and wedding card etc.

In 2005, IQ Lab extended production space at Silom Branch which connected to the current office. The new space covered 288 Sq.m. which is large for installing new UV Inkjet flatbed printing machine from Switzerland. Any materials can be printed with this machine although it is thin like satin or leather or rigid materials like acrylic, plastwood, polycarbonate, mirror or even or uneven materials with the most thickness of 4 cm. The print from UV inkjet will have more endurance than other printing systems because the ink will dry with UV light (UV curing).

In the same year, we opened the new branch on Petchburi road to be a retail shop selling world class camera “Leica” from Germany. Besides, there were also photo gallery “I-Gallery” and workshop room. This branch opened until the year 2011 because the building rental contract has ended.

In 2007, digital cameras played the significant part in printing. IQ Lab pioneered photobook innovation, the individual book which can be created personalized. Furthermore, we launched the free software “IQ Photobook Pro” for designing photobook which is fun, fast and easy to make with digital offset printing machine. We also organized IQ photobook Pro software training for people who interested in.

In early of 2008, IQ Lab launched new product “Photobook Premium” which has great quality and sharpness from photographic paper. The whole premium photobook has vivid color and laminate for waterproof.

From 2010 until now, our company has received many awards from Thai Print Awards organized by Thai Printing Association continuously. The awards we have won are almost every type of digital printing such as Photobook, calendar, invitation card, food menu and poster from digital offset printing machine. Furthermore, we have won the awards from large format inkjet printing, fine art reproduction (Giclee print, archival pigment ink print).

We won best in show among 14 countries in Asia Pacific region from digital printing competition organized by FujiXerox including won many prizes from Asian Print Awards as well.

Due to our mission, we have invested in new technology continually. In 2017, we installed first 8-color (including spot varnish and white ink) Inkjet UV flatbed printing machine in Thailand which can print on almost every material such as roll materials, thick rigid or uneven materials with the most thickness of 4 cm. This machine can print 3D-emboss like as well.

In the same year, we invested in large-width format printer which can print high-resolution work with the most width of 3.2 meters seamless. The great benefit of this machine makes it popular amongst wedding backdrop print and photo galleries. Further, we have invested in latest digital offset printing machine which can print Metallic color, Gold, Silver, White and clear ink.

More than 3-decades, we have gathered experience, quality, and innovation so that we can ensure that our various and high-quality print will serve our clients the right needs.



  • Automatic Digital Cutting Machine

    Automatic Digital Cutting Machine

  • 8-color Inkjet UV flatbed printing

    machine with White and Varnish (option)

    •Ekamai Shop new decoration

    •Installed large-width format printer with the most width of 3.2 meters seamless

    •Invested in latest digital offset printing machine which can print Metallic color, Gold, Silver, White and clear ink.

    •Establish cutting service from CNC router cutter

  • Latest model Epson

    Archival Pigment Ink Surecolor P20070 printer

  • Diasec – Face Mount

    Service on Archival materials

  • Photobook Lay-Flat

    the 180 degree opened book
    Awards winner: Asian Print
    Awards – Gold awards in digital
    printing category book printing

  • LEICA Authorized Dealer

    Authorized LEICA dealer
    @Sliom, full range LEICA products,
    camera, optics, binoculars, scope

  • Thai Print Awards #7

    Awards Winner:
    Thai Print Awards #7
    Best in digital printing
    Awards Winner:
    PIXI Awards – Gold Awards
    Face Mount Service

  • Thai Print Awards #6

    Awards Winner:
    Thai Print Awards #6
    Best in digital printing,
    Award Winner:
    PIXI Awards – Best in Show
    Inkject UV curing
    flatbed from Fuji Film; Acuity

  • Thai Print Awards #5

    Awards Winnder:
    Thai Print Awards #5
    Photobooks Digital Press
    from Fuji Xerox,
    The Chamonix Color 1000 Press

  • Large Format Printing

    High Quality Low-Solvent
    Wide Format Inkjet,
    Oce 9090 ( 2.25 Meter wide )
    Second Unit Digital Offset
    IQ Photobook Pro,
    Free Software for clients
    for Photobook design

  • First in Thailand; UV Flatbed- Roll to Roll inkjet technology

    Zund UV Jet 215 Plus from
    Super-wide format UV
    Coating-Neschen, from USA

  • Print on Demand

    HP-indigo, digital Off-Set printing
    High Speed Wide Format Paper
    Processor from Hostert Germany

  • DURST SIGMA The high Speed line sensor scanner

    Established DISPLAYS department,
    high quality Pop-up Display Systems
    from Australia.

  • 2nd unit DURST LAMBDA

    131 PLUS from Hostert, Germany.
    C41 Color Negative film DIP
    and DUNK Processor


    First in Thailand, High Quality
    Photo Mural Digital Printing on
    Kodak Endura Paper

  • First Digital Minilab in South East Asia

    Gretag Masterlab, Switzerland (CRT technology)


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