Commercial Printing

Light Box Display

We have various printing materials for lightbox display depends on client’s budget.

Duratrans is attractive transparent materials which generate the highest quality: sharpness, vibrant, outstanding look. Duratrans are popular among luxury products e.g. watches, cosmetics, jewelry, and gold because the light can diffuse through duratrans very well which make products’ picture look exceptional.

The materials made from long-lasting, fine polyester, not easy to tear off. The texture is slick, heat-durable against the lightbox that usually turned on business. Moreover, the color will be shining and last long for years.

Duratrans picture is generated from Laser Beam – RGB by the high-quality Durst Lambda from Italy. The laser will be beamed directly on Kodak materials (Enduratrans-Endura Professional). Pictures can be printed widest at 1.27 meter or 50 inches with unlimited length through the standard process of Kodak*. Therefore, it is still popular among high-standard quality products in department stores.

*Duratrans is one of Kodak Rochester’s products. At present (2018), the Kodak factory are still manufacturing duratrans continually because of high demands in many countries.

Backlit is not only another high-quality transparent material but also at the reasonable price. Backlit is suitable for SMEs clients such as restaurants, fashion stores, OTOP product stores, Geographical Identity along with fair trade show or exhibition.
The machine we use to print the backlit is high-resolution inkjet printing machine at 1440 dpi. The printing systems are various from eco-solvent ink until digital inkjet UV ink which can print the widest at 2.20 meter with unlimited length.

3.Transparent Fabric
The latest display variation is the transparent smoothest European standard fabric that IQ LAB import for fabric LED lightbox*. The fabric can diffuse light brilliantly. Moreover, the texture of the fabric is exceptional tough polyester, no wrinkle, not tearable. It is so easy that clients can change the fabric display on the LED lightbox by themselves.

The transparent fabric is printed visually high-resolution of 1440 dpi same as photographic resolution with the widest print at 3.20 meter seamless.The fabric is famous for applying in IT product advertising displays, computer, smartphone until exhibition booth. It can be used with LED light box without acrylic sheet above because the feature of fabric can diffuse light excellently.

* The LED light box used with fabric display is energy-saving light box because it made from LED light. The light box can be turned on all day without heat and help save on energy costs. The design of the LED light box is modern, thin and lightweight. IQ Lab imports the LED light box and is ready for the installation service.

PVC Sticker

PVC sticker is a standard budget material which used in a promotional booth, display counter, and exhibition. The PVC sticker can be mounted on PP-Board (corrugated board), foam board or plastwood and used for both indoor and outdoor purpose.